Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XO's coming to US schools

In a bit of a reversal the OLPC project will soon be offering US schools the opportunity to participate in the OLPC program. The project will be based in Washington D.C. , giving us an ideal opportunity to continue work here in the States. Expect updates on this in the coming weeks.

Details: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,141298-c,notebooks/article.html


Nortel LearniT said...


We are working with Mike Ford, the new Executive Director of OLPC America to set up his offices here in the DC area, as well as to plan a possible conference for interested parties.

Mackenzie said...

My school bought some XO's from G1G1, and the professor who did that is teaching a 1-credit "special topics" class that I'm registered for. He just emailed us all and asked if we'd like to change the class from competitive programming to software development for the XO, since it's such a small class.

Kevin said...

A few of us in the DC region are already working on a Free / Open Source Software conference focused on the use of FOSS in education. This is round two of a conference we did last summer. The hope of ours is to concentrate more on a local community of less-technical educators and administrators. When the conference is over, we'd like to still have the community in place and able to learn and grow together. With the launch of the XO, we're really hoping to get OLPC folks on board with the conference.