Monday, November 26, 2007

Introducing the XO

Thanks to Jeffrey Elkner,Micheal Connet and our friends at Nortel for allowing me to test the XO laptop and attempt to get some of our learning activities working on it.

Information on the laptop
Color: Green(only color available at the moment)
Hardware Revision: B4-15
Software Revision : Unknown now(but working on it :) )

Current Plan for first day:
1. Change language to english
2.Investigate Pippy
3.Attempt basic gasp compatibility (draw a window. or activity)
4.Check out some of the basic networking capabilities of the XO

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Nortel LearniT said...

Hi Matt,

Great to see your work with the XO progressing. We are eager to hear and see your progress and want to do what we can to help. Please be sure to ask questions so that if we can help, we will.