Tuesday, November 27, 2007

QuickGuide: Installing a XO activity using removable media

Here's a quick tutorial on installing a package from a usb thumbdrive or sd card:
  1. On a computer with internet access download a .xo package onto your removable device.
  2. Insert your usb drive or sd card (usb ports are under the "ears, sd slot is on underside of monitor)
  3. Wait a minute for the device to mount.
  4. Using the web browser activity, go to "file:///media"
  5. Find your device and click on it.
  6. Find the package and click it. The main Sugar frame should come out , then hide again.
  7. Wait a minute or so , and your activity should appear in the XO launcher.
  8. Enjoy

1 comment:

Nortel LearniT said...

Do you know how (what are the steps) to rename your XO?