Wednesday, November 28, 2007

QuickGuide:Renaming your XO

As requested, this is the fastest way I have found to rename the XO.

1.Open up the developer console (Alt-= on mine,may be different on others)
2.Go to the terminal
3.Open the file ~/.sugar/default/config with your favorite CLI text editor
4. Find the line that says nickname and edit to it your liking.
5.Restart sugar (ctrl-alt-backspace) or restart the computer
6.Voila, the laptop is now renamed!


Nortel LearniT said...

Is there a CLI editor on the XO? How do you access it in the terminal mode?

Matthew Gallagher said...

Yes, vi or nano are both available.
Vi can be hard to learn but efficient.
Nano is easy to learn but not great at complex tasks.

Nortel LearniT said...

Are these CLI editors something that I launch in the terminal view? Can you explain to a linux dummy like me how I would do this (open the CLI editor to edit the name file)?


Matthew Gallagher said...

Yes, to open that config file you would type:

vi ~/.sugar/default/config/

A good basic guide to vi/vim can be found here: