Monday, December 17, 2007

Top10: Mesh Networking

Here's a bunch of tips to make mesh networking smoother,screenshots to be added when I figure out why my camera appears to be using the old "plug and pray" methodology.
  1. You must go all the way out to Neighborhood view to view local XO's at first. To get them into friends view you have to invite them first(right click, then "invite")
  2. Any activity you start will show up in th neighborhood or friend view as the activity ivo with a xo icon next to it.
  3. Active Antenna can be used as wireless repeaters as long as they have power.
  4. IMPORTANT, setting up a mesh network near a AP with WDS can wreak havok, check your AP settings first.
  5. The mesh can be connect to by normal computers by accessing the ssid "olpc-mesh", however depending on your wireless card this may not work or will crash your computer.
  6. If any computer in the mesh has internet , they can all get access to it.
  7. The school server can use the mesh to distribute software (to be tested)
  8. Mesh traffic can be filtered ,but its not something a novice user should attempt.
  9. Mesh networking uses the 802.11s draft standard, which many new AP's and cards have partial support for.
  10. Though work has been done, I still find the mesh to be power hungry, plug your XO in while using it.

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Sean said...

We attempted to share some activities over the Mesh between two XOs. However, we conducted the experiment in downtown San Francisco at the CNET office, where no less that 20 other WiFi networks were available. We could not get any of the mesh or sharing features to work reliably in this WiFi dense neighborhood. We'll try the experiment again out in the countryside some other time ;-)