Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend has been filled with both successes and failures:
  • Got wireless working at school 100% of the time for the XO
  • Simple games work in gasp at an acceptable framerate
  • Nasty black box is partially fixed in gasp.

  • My solution for efficient flash payback does not work in latest firmware

Goals for next week:
  1. Flash!
  2. Simple p2p gasp games between XO's
  3. Increase WPA networking success rate to above 50%

1 comment:

Nortel LearniT said...

EXCELLENT NEWS! What did you do to increase the success rate of connecting to the network? Could you please write up some quick tips, suggestions or helpful hints that others could follow/try to increase their success rate as well?

I'm glad that you're still trying to tackle the Flash issue. I'm sure that it is doable and you'll get it figured out!