Thursday, December 20, 2007

XO's in Iraq

I went to an XO users meetup in D.C. on Wednesday , but I'm still trying to get some background info for some of the stuff I want to discuss in that post. So today I'd like to share an article that that my Dad, who is currently at the US embassy in Iraq , sent me.He works with some of the people who are supporting the XO project in Iraq, so I'd like to draw attention to their efforts.


It's an very encouraging sign for both the country and the XO project!

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Mag said...


I have just learned about the OLPC project in Iraq and can't find anything about it beside this one article... Do you know if the children actually received computers there? I am a graduate student at USC and we are making some research on how the project is being implemented...
If anyone has any info, it would be helpful!

Thank you.